I'm Nick

I'm a tech guru with years of experience designing and developing new tech ventures. My passion is creating innovative experiences that people love.

Over the years, I've held executive positions in several startups and develop dozens of products for all sized businesses from the ground up.

I started building early.

I gained my love for hardware products as a Lead Design Engineer at BOSE where, I learned the in's-and-out's of world-class product development.

I grew fast there, but yearning for more creative freedom, variety, and responsibility, I decided to enter the startup world.

My first startup gig was at a futuristic NYC startup called ShiftWear. They were building something that I knew was impossible and I loved it. I hit the ground running and learned what being at a lean startup was all about.

As CTO, I designed innovative products, created prototypes, developed apps, partnered with universities and fashion experts, created websites, built a talented team, generated heaps of content, and never slept.

Ultimately, we couldn't deliver our product, which I saw as a huge failure. Contemplating returning to the corporate world, I realized that what I had learned through my years at ShiftWear would be infinitely useful to other startups.

That was the start of my career as a startup and technology consultant.

Fast-forward a few years and I've applied my broad array of engineering, design, marketing, strategic, and web skills to help 20+ startups bring their products to reality.

I use an iterative process, utilizing parallel development and marketing to help entrepreneurs get to market fast, efficiently, and cheap.

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I'm a world-class independent consultant that knows how to take products to market
fast and on a budget!

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