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Executive Leadership • Industrial Design • Product Development • Branding • Strategy • Fundraising • Project Management • Web Design • Team Building + More

ShiftWear is smart apparel of the future. Wearers can display anything they want on their sneakers & hats using a smartphone app. As ShiftWear's CTO I oversaw and executed on all things technology.


Executive Leadership • Tech Architecture • Branding • UI Design • Strategy • Fundraising • Marketing • Project Management • Web Design + More

MAKE is the ultimate micromedia sharing app. Using blockchain tech, MAKE shares all of its ad revenues with creators of GIFs, memes, stickers and more. As CEO I lead development, marketing, and strategy.


Executive Leadership • Strategy • Industrial Design • Product Development (Electronics, PCB, Mechanical) • Project Management • Rapid Prototyping • Market Research

VYBE is a brand that builds better tech for creators. The flagship product, TONE, is versatile, portable lighting for vloggers and influencers. Like the GoPro of lighting. As founder, I developed the product and brand.


Product Development (System Design, Electronics, Acoustics, Mechnical) • Product Management • Manufacturing • Sourcing • Testing • QA • Client Relations (NFL)

Professional, noise-cancelling headsets for critical communication environments, the B30 is the official headset for the NFL. As product lead, I developed the electronics and acoustics and worked with the NFL to deliver top-notch audio.

The Flik

Industrial Design • Product Development (Electronics, PCB, Mechanical, Firmware) • Strategy • Project Management • Rapid Prototyping • Manufacturing Consulting

Meet the next breakthrough in intervehicle communication - The Flik! Two buttons by the driver activate a friendly wave or a not-so-friendly gesture. As product developer I designed and developed the tech.


Strategy • Industrial Design • Product Development • Prototyping •
Manufacturing Consulting • Graphics • Electronics

Intake is the future of nutrient tracking. Using patented technology, intake autonomously measures macronutrients through urine and uploads data to the cloud. Advanced AI helps detect and diagnose deadly diseases faster than any other known method. As technology consultant, I'm designing and manufacturing the system.

OpenBarbell V3

Product Development (Electronics, PCB, Mechanical) • Project Management • Manufacturing Consulting • Video • Rapid Prototyping

The world's best portable velocity-based triaining tool for powerlifters, as lead product developer and manufacturing consultant I redesigned this flagship product to cut costs and increase ease of vertical manufacturing.

Princess Lily

Strategy • Industrial Design • Product Development • Prototyping •
Manufacturing Consulting • Graphics • Electronics

A smart-mirror toy for high-tech children, Princess Lily uses advanced optics to give magical affirmations at the press of a button. As product developer I designed and built this product from the ground up.


Industrial Design • Product Development (Electronics, PCB, Mechanical) • Project management • Manufacturing Consulting • Graphics

When your JUUL battery is running low, but your phone's isn't, use JUUCE to top it up. I developed all aspects of the product from concept to manufacturing.

C-THRU Holster

Industrial Design • Mechanical Design • Rapid Prototyping • Product Rendering & Photography • Technology Consulting

Quake Tech, an AR company that helps firefighters see in any environment, partnered with Verizon to broadcast live video over 5G. I designed and built this modular belt pack to house the system.

SoundSport Wireless

Product Development (Electronics, Acoustics, Firmware) • Project Management • Manufacturing • QA • Testing

A BOSE flagship product, SoundSport Wireless are the world's best workout headphones. As project engineer Iacoustics, firmware, and all manufacturing line test procedures. I also managed and trained the manufacturing, performed QA.

Proto Ventures

Branding • Logo • Web Design • SEO • CRM • Product Design • Engineering • Product Design & Manufacturing Consulting

Here we are - my hub for all things product development. A showcase of my work, services, and web design expertise!

Stamford Innovation Week

Executive Leadership • Website Design • Strategy • Content Creation

SIWeek is Fairfield County's premier conference on innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. As Head of the Startup Committee, I help bring together the region's best entrepreneurs. I recently redesigned our website and started a local podcast.

The Pace is Right

Branding • Logo • Web Design • SEO • CRM • Photography

A top-notch landing page for a run coach and fitness influencer with a quickly growing following. I set up a domain, hosting, CRM, and SEO, built a website, and provided images and web copy.

Website Design • SEO • Content Creation

My personal website, linked below as an example of creative website design on a budget. Much like in my Startup Package, this site, hosting, domain, plugins, SEO, and CRM were all built and maintained for US $10!


Industrial Design • Branding • Logo • Web Design • SEO • CRM • Photography

The goal at VYBE is to built better tech for creators. Starting with portable and affordable lighting, VYBE will help artists up their content game and work faster. As founder, I invented the brand, mission, and products.


Website Design • SEO • Content Creation

A personal landing page for a technical sales expert. I designed the site from the ground up for responsiveness and ease of contact


Startup Strategy • Teambuilding • Web Design • SEO • CRM • Web Copy

OneDish is the food discovery app that gives you the unique experience of exploring local cuisine, one signature dish at a time. For this Stamford-based startup, I provided startup consulting and advisory, strategy, web design, and team building.

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